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Tim Lautzenheiser

Teaching on and off the Podium; The Importance of Role Modeling

The artistry of great teaching is never-ending. Being able to focus the collective energy of any group is the cornerstone to musical EXCELLENCE. From the moment the students walk into the class until the final bell rings, there must be a sense of purpose. If you are good teacher, the students will admire and respect you. If you are GREAT TEACHER, the students will admire and respect themselves.

Choosing Excellence is Easy; Maintaining It Is the Key to Success

We are all committed to excellence in our teaching; however, the journey offers some interesting twists and turns. We lead our students to quality by constantly improving ourselves. Success begets success.

Dr. Paula Crider

Tips for Making Meaning Music at All Levels

In order to make meaningful music, we must first make music meaningful. Includes a "Reader's Digest"" outline for warp-speed score study, "Storying" as a means to make music meaningful, and other fun, creative exercises to involve students in going beyond the notes.

Watch Me!

Exercises for sensitizing your ensemble to better follow the conductor, and refine conducting technique in the process.

Just Breathe

Dealing with the inevitable stress of teaching music, PC will present several breathing techniques designed to assist in avoiding red-lining the angst meter!

Richard L. Saucedo

Music Reading for Music Intervention

Combining best practices for teaching reading skills along with best practices for retaining students in school ensembles. The takeaway being that students who read well (and can practice on their own) will have a better chance of staying in music groups for the long haul.

Understanding the Scoresheet - Preparing for Concert/Festival Assessment When You're All Alone

A "DIY" approach to concert and or festival preparation for the director who has no assistants or staff. Sometimes being a "one man (or woman) show" is NOT a bad thing!!

Frank Troyka

Influencing the Culture of the Instrumental Music Classroom

Part 1: The Rehearsal

Group dynamics are both musical and social phenomena in the band or orchestra classroom. Part 1 of this multi-part exploration of culture in the music classroom will focus on the characteristics of good rehearsal to develop competent musicians and encourage long-term commitment.

Part 2: Individual Student Accountability

The mantra is, "Teach the individual and the ensemble will take care of itself." But how can you teach the individual effectively in a group setting, particularly if you're the sole teacher? This installment of our exploration of culture in the music classroom will present options for increasing teacher effectiveness in multiple scenarios.

Mickey Smith Jr.


How to achieve work-life balance this school year. All any of us can really leave in this thing called life is what we believe, so our actions and deeds become seeds for our students' future. A teacher who is aware of their values, strengths, and can also affirm their purpose is both sound and unstoppable. Finding the tools to be a SOUND ADULT at work for students and at home for family is something we all hope for. Everything starts with having purpose but that starts with being on purpose as well. Mickey works with educators on their purpose as a teacher and as a person. Understanding your motivation for teaching an living makes you more likely to respond to challenging situations in ways that are consistent with your defined purpose and bounce back from any setbacks with poise so that you KEEP ON GOING.

Alex Shapiro

Music and Activism: Raising Awareness One Note at a Time

Composer Alex Shapiro  discusses the power possessed by music educators and creators to raise musician and audience awareness of social and environmental topics. Through a variety of audio and video examples, Ms. Shapiro shares her experiences creating impactful collaborations through multimedia electroacoustic large ensemble works, and explores creative approaches that use music to link us all to the beauty and challenges of the world.

Dr. Cynthia Johnston Turner

Rehearsal: Moving Beyond the Basics for Engaging the New Learner

A practical session providing ideas for educators to go beyond the basics of good rehearsal technique to foster artistic curiosity and deeper student engagement in the process and performance.

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