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 Scott Rush

Habits of a Successful Band Director

This clinic focuses on the journey from the "Components of Playing” to music making. Teaching strategies will be the cornerstone of the presentation for both pedagogical and culture-building approaches. Participants will be encouraged to create their own Teaching Inventory Database, which will serve as a blueprint for “What” to teach and “How” to teach it. Rush will also explore the important role "fundamentals time" plays in the development of outstanding musicians and great sounding ensembles.

Creating Habits of Success in the Young Band

A strong pedagogical and musical foundation is crucial to the artistic development of young musicians. Rush will address the first days of instruction, transitioning to the “small instrument,” basic solfege instruction, rhythm vocabulary, first-time challenges, developmentally appropriate musical teaching strategies, fundamentals time and effective supplemental materials. The goal is to use developmentally appropriate language to foster comprehensive musicianship in every student.

 Alfred Watkins

 Darnella Davidson

Protecting Your Program: Tips to Survive and Thrive in the Modern World

For years, band directors have struggled with developing, maintaining, and protecting their band programs. This clinic, by two veteran educators, is designed to provide insights into their methods and strategies to rebuild and create a robust program in the modern world. Music administrators and others will glean a perspective of current challenges and will be given an advocacy plan to help support and guide teachers, principals, and board members alike.

 Albert Vela

TonalEnergy Best Practices for Teachers & Students

Join Albert Vela from TonalEnergy in this relaxed video session where you are ENCOURAGED to have your phone out and button mash along! Dive into some of the latest TE features from their recent update and discuss creative new curriculum ideas to help you and your students grow as musicians! BONUS - there is a short ClickTrack programming “how-to” at the end! Stay Smiley!

 Marissa Turney

Percussion Equipment Maintenance and Assessment

This session breaks down the essentials of equipment maintenance and repair within the percussion section. Learning to assess current gear for functionality and potential repairs, we will explore topics surrounding preventative maintenance, head changing, tuning, as well as items to fill your (literal!) toolbox to keep your percussion instrument family in top shape.

 Chip Staley

Music Gives Students the Competitive Edge

This session is designed to help expand your music advocacy vocabulary by exploring 5 ways that music benefits all students: 

1. Music Training Gives Students the Competitive Edge 

2. Music is Central to Our Cognitive Development 

3. Music Engenders Social/Emotional Well-being 

4. Music is a Biological Necessity 

5. Music is the Core of Our Humanity 

The presenter, Chip Staley, is the Founder and President of ARTSpeaks. ARTSpeaks is a 501c3 organization dedicated to “Inspiring Our Community to Value and Advocate for a Quality ARTS Education”.

 Gretta Pote

Creating a Positive Path to Excellence: It's All in the Process

This clinic will take you bell to bell outlining classroom procedures and instructional processes while fostering a positive environment for your students and you. It’s all in the process.

 Dr. Matthew Arau

Vision! Goals! Action!

Having a clear vision, inspiring goals, and a plan for action is essential to your music program’s success. Part 1 provides a strategy for collaboratively creating a vision for your music program with your students. Part 2 dives into developing long term and short term goals to reach for the vision. Part 3 shares the steps for taking effective action to reach the summit.

 Beth Fabrizio

Conquering the Clarinet

Clarinet basics and techniques for every clarinet student. A comprehensive approach to teaching clarinet at all levels with the incorporation of method books, solo selection, and sight reading support. Topics to be discussed will include tone quality and intonation, breathing techniques, articulation, technical exercises, and equipment selection. A hands-on demonstration of how reeds, mouthpieces, and a battery of warm-up and fundamental exercises will upgrade the sound of your performing ensemble. Topics covered will include tone development, intonation, articulation, technique development, reed and mouthpiece selection, and alternate/resonance fingerings.

 Richard L. Saucedo

Darth Vader and Breathing New Life into Your Winds' Sound

Simply taking an appropriate breath can completely change the sound of your wind section in concert band, orchestra, jazz band and even marching band. Directors in all parts of our country are always searching for that exercise (or exercises) that will make breathing a consistent part of every wind players repertoire. In this “hands on” clinic, we will experiment with numerous breathing exercises to see which ones create the most consistent quality wind sound. We’ll work together to make breathing a consistent part of every wind player’s rehearsal and performance regimen! Would the scary Star Wars character be the best wind player ever? Come find out!


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