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Dr. Vandewalker's Six-Step System: Strategic Boosters is now available for your entire booster organization, brought to you in partnership with Conn-Selmer. Each membership plan includes over 60 micro-lessons plus downloadable guidebook resources for every member of your group. Choose which plan and level of support is best for your team.

Bonus Goody Bag Material

Included with your course are these additional bonuses (and more!) at a value of $300!

  • 30 Day Free Trial - Music Professor

    Enjoy 30 days of Music Professor! These resources will help reinforce your classroom teaching through professional demonstrations, bite-size instruction, and engaging videos to keep your students playing from the classroom to the practice room.

  • Recruitment and Retention Toolkit

    We understand the growth and sustaining of your program matter. Conn-Selmer is here to help! Join us for this innovative workshop where you'll learn from unparalleled experts who share their best strategies and how to not just survive, but THRIVE.

  • Private Consultation with YOUR Conn-Selmer Regional Educational Support Manager

    Book a 60 minute one-on-one consultation with your Conn-Selmer Regional Educational Support Manager to discuss your organization's needs as your program changes and grows. We are here to help!

Equipping Volunteers. Engaging Community. Enriching Lives.

Turn your potential into performance with this time-tested, proven system in six steps: Strategic Planning, Strategic Community, Strategic Blueprint, Strategic Compliance, Strategic Fundraising & Strategic Communication.

What's Inside the Course:

Over 60 Micro Lessons to Help Your Organization Create a Strategic Plan of Action

  • 1

    Course Guide

    • Course Overview

    • About Dr. David Vandewalker

    • Course Materials

    • Strategic Boosters Academy - Goody Bag

    • Conn Selmer Institute

  • 2

    Welcome to the course!

    • Strategic Boosters Overview

  • 3

    What is a Strategic Plan?

    • 2.0 What Is a Strategic Plan?

    • 2.1 Why Do We Need a Strategy?

    • 2.2 The Strategic Plan Process & Introduction

    • 2.3 Purpose: Why We Exist

    • 2.4 The CEO Partnership

    • 2.5 Core Values

    • 2.6 Mission Statement

    • 2.7 Goals and Objectives

    • 2.8 Strategies

    • 2.9 Action Plans

    • 2.95 Monitor, Evaluate, & Improve

  • 4

    Reflect, Imagine, & Strategize

    • 3.1 Reflect: Where Are We?

    • 3.2 Reflect: Operational Effectiveness

    • 3.3 Reflect: The DNA of a Great Team

    • 3.4 Reflect: What Is Your Favorite Color?

    • 3.5 Reflect: SWOT Analysis

    • 3.6 Imagine: What's Possible

    • 3.7 Strategize: Diagnose What's Doable

    • 3.8 Strategize: Prescribe What's Best Next

  • 5

    Collaboration in Action

    • 4.0 Collaboration in Action

    • 4.1 Start with Safe Spaces

    • 4.2 Tips for Facilitating Effective Discussions

    • 4.3 Six Steps of Effective Collaborative Action

    • 4.4 Collaborative Action: Prep Work

    • 4.5 Collaborative Action: Vision Casting

    • 4.6 Collaborative Action: Reflect and Imagine

    • 4.7 Collaborative Action: What's Best Next?

    • 4.8 Collaborative Action: Action Plans

    • 4.9 Collaborative Action: Strategic Launch

  • 6

    Strategic Community: Engaging an Army of Volunteers

    • 5.1 Five Steps for Building Community

    • 5.2 How to Build an Army of Volunteers?

    • 5.3 How Do We Connect?

    • 5.4 Matching Human Resources to Strategic Tasks

    • 5.5 The Gratification Payoff

    • 5.6 Community Spotlight: Marcus High School Band

    • 5.7 Community Spotlight: Lassiter High School Band

    • 5.8 Community Spotlight: Johns Creek Orchestra

  • 7

    Strategic Blueprint: Developing a Modern Business Model

    • 6.1 Organizing a Small Business

    • 6.2 Modern Executive Board

    • 6.3 Equity in Representation

    • 6.4 Building the Business Blueprint

    • 6.5 Defining Your Roles

  • 8

    Strategic Compliance - Incorporating the Necessities of Managing a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization

    • 7.1 What Is a 501c3?

    • 7.2 Benefits of Having 501c3 Status

    • 7.3 501c3 FAQs

    • 7.4 10 Key Components for Staying out of Trouble

    • 7.5 Staying Compliant as a 501c3 Organization

    • 7.6 How to Lose Your Status

    • 7.7 Insurance Considerations

  • 9

    Strategic Fundraising: Preparing and Executing Successful Events & Fundraising Campaigns

    • 8.1 Finding Your Target Zone

    • 8.2 Strategic Fundraising Model Projects

    • 8.3 Fundraiser Project Planning

    • 8.4 Program Spotlight: Taste Event

    • 8.5 Program Spotlight: Recycle Event

    • 8.6 Project Team Leadership

    • 8.7 The Fundraiser Business Blueprint

  • 10

    Strategic Communication: Internal and External Communication Plans for Sharing Your Story & Brand

    • 9.1 The Power of Story

    • 9.2 Internal Communication

    • 9.3 Communication Plan

    • 9.4 External Communication

    • 9.5 Communication Tools for Your Program

    • 9.6 Content Management

    • 9.7 Branding

    • 9.8 Top Ten Tips for Marketing

    • 9.9 Brand Development and Execution

    • 9.10 Brand Development Research

    • 9.11 Building a Media Toolkit

    • 9.12 The Importance of Over-Communication

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    $290.00 / yearStrategic Boosters Academy - Standard

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    $690.00 / yearStrategic Boosters Academy - Premium

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Created by Dr. David W. Vandewalker

Founder of the Strategic Boosters System and Executive Director for the Conn-Selmer Parent Booster Community.

Dr. David Vandewalker

Conn-Selmer clinician, Dr. David W. Vandewalker, is a distinguished conductor, pedagogue, arts administrator, author, booster club consultant, and instructional coach/mentor with a passion for the next generation of leader-educators. He serves on the NBA Board of Directors, Sudler Flag Selection Committee, and is a member of the American Bandmasters Association.