Conn Selmer Communities

Welcome to Conn Selmer Communities! Established with the goal of connecting educators, student musicians, and parent organizations with the support they need, all five communities serve as a resource and a go-to place for answers you need. Each Wednesday, our community webinars bring relevant, timely information and frequently feature guests that are leaders in the field of music education.

In addition to monthly webinars Marching Arts Educators, Music Administration Collaborative, Parent Boosters Community and the HBCU Collective all have thriving groups on Facebook and in Thinkific where members can connect and continue the discussion each month.  We welcome you to join any of the communities below - you will then have access to all available webinar replays, registration information for the next live webinar, and all community resources. Welcome to the community!

Music Administration Collaborative

Rick Ghinelli

The Music Administration Collaborative supports music education across America and around the globe. It is the primary source of professional development, communication, and networking for today's music administrators and program leaders.

Concert Artistry

Dr. Paula Crider

The Concert Artistry Community supports instrumental music educators in their pursuit of musical excellence on the performance stage.

Student Leadership Workshop

Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser, Frank Troyka, & Dr. Matthew Arau

Get your monthly dose of positive, encouraging leadership inspiration from Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser, Frank Troyka, and Dr. Matthew Arau.

Marching Arts Educators

Richard Saucedo & Randy Greenwell

Founded with the intent to help marching arts educators to build, manage, and grow thriving educational programs and support the development of performers.

Parent Boosters Community

Dr. David Vandewalker & TJ Waicul

Support community for Parent Boosters with monthly webinars hosted by Dr. David Vandewalker.

HBCU Collective

Dr. William J. Earvin

Engaging music educators associated with the 107 institutions recognized as Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

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